In the eleventh grade I received two gifts of great significance, one was a Yamaha guitar; the second was a Folk Life recording of Odetta. Having grown up with opera and church music, hearing the simplicity of a voice, a song, and an instrument was transforming. The response to this hearing was a desire to do likewise. Music became a beloved companion.

The making of music took many forms including R & B bands and “Elvis” back-up vocals as well as acoustic duos, trios, and quartet groups, but the love of traditional music has always been the heart of my repertoire. I never aspired to be a songwriter, but upon reaching my forties came to the realization that there were songs within that were longing for expression.

I was awarded a NC Arts Council’s Artist Fellowship for Songwriting grant year 2001/2002. I have released five CDs. “Sweet Mimosa" (2002) and “Indian Summer” (2005) both of which include a couple traditional songs or hymns but are principally my own material.  "Deep December Dreams" (2011) and "Spring: The Wind's Story" (2017) which are all originals.

"Hallelujah! Amen." (2007) is entirely gospel. I put my own stamp on these wonderful hymns and spirituals written from the 1790s to the mid 1900s.

My songs find inspiration from two main sources. The first is the natural world and our place within it; the sea and stars are prominent features of my landscape. The other is my attempt to walk in faith, acknowledging that doubt is never far behind. In addition to pursuing music, I am a quilter, baker, bookkeeper, and chronicler of my backyard flock of chickens, but most importantly, a wife, mom, and grandmother.

The Mobile City Band: Lise Uyanik standing and going clockwise: Jay Miller, Rodger Tygard, Sue Sneddon, Charlie Ebel, Donna Giles, Ann Alexander, me, and Lew Wardell hanging out from the drivers seat

GraceNote: Karen Mulle, Julee Glaub, Janet Stlop, me and Bob Mutter

Bo Lozoff's CD Release Concert at the Carrboro ArtsCenter: going from right to left me, Bo, Armand Lencheck, sound man Bo Osborne (adjusting the mic), and then I don't remember his name

The Flashbacks: Bill Henderson, Lew Wardell, Rodger Tygard, Rev Ransom, Peter Kramer, Charlie Ebel, me, and Janet Stolp

Bill Henderson as Elvis

Silver: From the Carolina Calling TV Show: Bob Mutter, Linda Phillips, myself, and Curt Stagner

Me and My Angel Singers at Live from the Oak Grove in Ventura, VA / from the left: my daughter, Christiana, my niece, Bethany, my daughter, Marielle, and my niece, Dawn

Me and Charlie & Lise at the very first Murphey School Radio Show

me singing the Murphey School theme song; Allan Gurganus and Phillip Shabazz were the literary guest artists