From the recording O Brother, Blessed Child

a moodly piece in the tuning of DADDAD, but tuned down to BF#BBF#B. Richard Putnam on organ.


Butcher, baker, beggerman, thief
Everybody looking for some relief

Every father’s daughter, every father’s son
Knows what it’s like to lose someone

Now you had a mother who once loved you
But everybody knows that hearts break in two

Nobody’s praying for the kingdom come
Fire and brimstone on everyone
Lord have mercy, the things I’ve done
My shoulda-done-better shoulda been begun

Don’t want God to look me in the eye
I’d rather I could just walk on by

Holy mackrel, blessed child
How we gonna make it in this world gone wild

I need an angel watching me o’er my bed
Spreading them wings when I lay down my head