From the recording Monday, Thursday, Sunday

I wrote this at Wildacres during a SoLaTiDo Songwriting Retreat. Was very happy that percussionist, Sue Sneddon, could add her happy beats and for Richard Putnam who recorded it up there, the day after I wrote it.


Monday is a washing day
I gather towels and sheets
I like to hang them on the line
where the here and now do meet
A bit of the outside enters in
nature intertwines
Freshens up my dank and dark
The kiss of sun refines

Thursday is my baking day
all I needs a little yeast
Got the paddle and the bowl
from the humble comes a feast
I punch down the risen dough
Got time enough to spare
When it comes out of the oven
I got bread enough to share

Sunday is holy day I spend it with my Lord
In the company of all the saints that I walk with in this world
We sing, we pray, we offer praise
We call upon his name
We offer up our hopes and fears
And somehow we are changed