1. Mica

From the recording Deep December Dreams

so much mica at Wildacres; a made-up myth about a made-up goddess; the last lines are taken from Galadriel's song "Farewell to Lorien" from "The Lord of the Rings" by Tolkien


Mica by Mary Rocap

Ever was but now I am
And chose I mortal form
To taste the apple and the pear
To feel the sun and storm
Crossed eternal starry sky
The ever ending night
To rest upon this sandy shore
And view the morning’s light

One hundred years passed as a day
And then I felt bereft
Looked above a starry hosts
And longed for what I’d left
Three messengers had I retained
Three messengers of flight
Falcon, moth, and turtle dove
“Fly high into the night”

One thousand years passed as a day
And one by one they came
Weary travelers from afar
All with a sad refrain
“Foolish Mica, ever bright
Why did you have to roam?
You stayed too long, and were forgot
So far away from home”

Then I turned my face from them
And toward the setting sun
Still and silent like a stone
And stone I did become
Ten thousand years of sun and storm
Crushed me to sparkling dust
Three winged friends spread my remains
O’er all the earth’s hard crust

And if of ships I now should sing
What ship would come to me?
What ship would bear me ever back
Across so wide a sea?