Welcome to my website. Lots of information here about my music, writing, and craft.

I do hope you and yours are doing OK as we get through these COVID days. Please stay safe.

I had thought I would try to do more performance this year, but everything got cancelled. But since I'm not a full time musician, it is a disappointment, not a threat to my income.

Since we can't go out, come listen to my music: There are cuts from my five CDs on my music page: "Hallelujah! Amen." which is my all-gospel CD;  the other four are a romp around the seasons. "Sweet Mimosa" (summer), "Indian Summer" (autumn), "Deep December Dreams" (winter), and "Spring: The Wind's Story."  It took me 15 years to complete this cycle: from 2002 to 2017!!

In addition, the St. Matthew's Women's Singing Circle, which I lead, has three CDs out: "How Can I Keep from Singing," a Christmas CD called "Venite Adoremus," and "Homecoming."

I have been spending my time writing, during this shelter in place days, not so much songs, but some non-fiction/memoir kind of stuff. I've almost finished a second installment of chicken stories (More Little Chicken Stories), am working on a retrospective of the St. Matthew's Faith & Arts Series which I coordinated for ten years, and finally a reflection about the restaurant I co-founded in 1973.

My book "Little Chicken Stories" is available from lulu.com and amazon.com. Check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is a link to my lulu site on products (CDs, handwork, book) page.

I also have a children's poem & picture book: "Saving Time," a fable.  This is also available through lulu.  It's very special to me as my mom painted the watercolor backgrounds that I used to create collages to go along with my poem.

Get in touch with me if you are interested in any of my crafts: embroidered baby blankets, napkins, quilted potholders, and more.

This website is now set up so that you can purchase CDs (real or digital) and/or individual songs. Thanks for visiting. If you want to contact me, send me an email at maryrocap@maryrocap.com.

All the best,