1. Kingdoms Rise

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The story retold of King Balshazzar and the writing on the wall; the phrase retaining its ominous tone all these thousands of years.


Kingdoms Rise by Mary Rocap

Kingdoms rise and kingdoms fall
The Lord above rules over all
Over large and over small
The writings on the wall

There was a king did celebrate
The wars that he had won
With sacred cup he raised a toast
Claimed homage for the deeds he’d done
Across the room he then did see
The fingers of a hand
Upon the wall the fingers wrote
Your judgement is at hand

Kingdoms rise . . .

Our days on earth are numbered
Can’t add and can’t subtract
Take stock of what your life is worth
Seek out what you might lack
Don’t you put your faith in silver
Don’t you put your trust in gold
God’s the one that gives you breath
Your life His hands do hold

Kingdoms rise . . .

It’s written in the flaming tongues of fire
It’s written in the mustard seed
It’s written in the birthing of a babe
And in the silence of the deep
It’s written in the eyes of a trusting child
It’s written in the books of old
It’s written in the stars of the universe
Sinner man now you’ve been told