1. Resting Up

From the recording Sweet Mimosa

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"Honey, when I play music I'm not working I'm resting up.: Etta Baker


Resting Up by Mary Rocap

You asked me to the party-o
At the fair last week
Of all the boys I like you best
You make my heart ache sweet

I’m resting up tapping my shoe
I’m resting up humming a tune
Go promenade around the room
I’m resting up waiting on you

O dosey doe my darling
Dosey doe my love
Oh don’t you know I wished for you
Under the stars above

I’m resting up . . .

Swing your partner to the left
And swing ‘em to the right
You told me that you’d meet me here
I’ll wait for you all night

I’m resting up . . .

You’re coming cross the floor now
You’re coming straight for me
You give a bow, I curtsey back
Your smile is all I see

I've rested up by tapping my shoe
Rested up by humming a tune
Let’s promenade around the room
I’m rested up and ready for you