From the recording Sweet Mimosa

I did not write the music for this. It comes from the hmnn " Jerusalem, my happy home" based on an American folk melody. I never heard any folk song use this very pretty tune. After reading Leon Uris's "Trinity," I decided to write a folk song for it myself telling the story of Bridgette, a character in his book of the Irish troubles.


Bridgette’s Song by Mary Rocap

Twas once so many years ago
We pledged or love ‘neath starry glow
I’d be yours and you’d be mine
From that day till the end of time

Alas, you owned not but your name
So you’d go out to make your claim
Returning with much gold in hand
A ring for my finger and a deed for land

The months have slowly turned to years
Anticipation turned to fear
The sparrow has made six spring nests
Since the time when you went west

Oh what has kept you from this place
From whence you said you’d return with haste
In truth I’d rather you faithless be
Than know a harm had come to thee

Oh laddie, I know not where you be
But still my heart beats just for thee
T’would be an answer to my prayers
To look one day and find thee there