From the recording Sweet Mimosa

a song for Leap Year's February 29


Sadie, Sadie Hawkins Day by Mary Rocap

Sadie, Sadie Hawkins Day
Sadie, Sadie Hawkins Day
Gotta get my man
Gotta make my man
Gotta get my good man to name the day

I’ve got a beau and his name is John, he is real sweet on me
When he comes to call and we set a spell his hand rests on my knee
He’s the only one for me of that I am so sure
But when will he make me his Mrs., his woman evermore?

Sadie, Sadie Hawkins Day . . .

I’ve had dreams of the parish church and walking down the aisle
In my dreams I walk for days over countless miles
At last I reach the priest and groom as they’re standing by the pew
“Will you take Miss Katie here?” and he says “No can do”

Sadie, Sadie Hawkins Day . . .

We’re in the shortest of the months, tomorrow’s day twenty-nine
That’s the day I’ve been waiting for to ask him to be mine
I found me a lucky feather and I’m keeping it by my bed
John, John, my darling John, when will we be wed?

Sadie, Sadie Hawkins Day . . .