From the recording Indian Summer


Showing The Splendor by Mary Rocap

Into each life some rain will fall
Hardship and pain are known by all
A measure of sunlight is there as well
As dawn ends the night so will joy dispel
The cause of your sorrow, the ache of your breast
Strength will emerge from weakness confessed

Unto each child is given a curse
The sins of the parents in which he’s immersed
Also received is a blessing of love
The will to endure and to rise above
Accept the blessing, forgive the curse
Lessons from knowing the best and worst

On a winter snow day a flower struggles to bloom
Spring yellows and purples are coming too soon
Hope is displayed on that cold sterile white
An expression of faith that is fighting the fight
The delicate crocus just living its life
Showing the splendor, ignoring the strife
Showing the splendor