1. Tell Me Why

From the recording Indian Summer


Tell Me Why by Mary Rocap

Tell me why it is so still when the sun goes down
Like the earth has held its breath should you be homeward bound
Though I’ve lost all hope of your return
I still turn on the light
In the hush the cooing dove ushers in the night

Tell me why the moon above should keep me in her sight
Go I east or go I west she shimmers down her light
It is no comfort to my soul
She marks the pace of time
When she rises in the evening the stars and earth align

Tell me why my thoughts of you lie scattered in the wind
Memories all strewn about hiding truth therein
With resignation I bend down
To pick up what’s been tossed
Tattered bits of treasure don’t make up for what’s lost

Tell me why the bluebird is bluer than the sky
Or why the pretty bird cardinal will sing a lullaby
Or why the holly is so green
And nar will lose its leaves
Tell me if I’ll love again or will someone love me
Tell me if I’ll love again or will someone love me