From the recording Indian Summer

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Looking at the Stars by Mary Rocap

I’m looking at the stars, studying the moon
Laughing at the power of the wind
I’m the dead-eye of a hurricane
Confused about could have beens

They’ll sell you the story of a love so fine
With words both bright and bold
They’ll tell you not love’s hard to find
And storms both dark and cold

If you’re calling me - be there when I come
I’ll not hide if you seek, nor run
If you’re wanting me – be there when I come
Take my all, don’t take just some

You said we would go together
But I got so far behind
Lost and alone I stumbled
Seeking shelter that would not confine

But are you calling out my name now?
Are you calling me sweet and low?
Or is it just the echo
Of words said long ago
Of words said long ago