1. Mileposts

From the recording Indian Summer

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Mileposts by Mary Rocap

She used to look at him with love in her eyes
He was full of fire
She was mesmerized
He and his buddies they were rowdy and mean
But he was the best thing
That she ever seen
An only child never loved by Dad
She went looking for a man
And he knew she could be had . . .

They played at house til the baby came
Folks called her Angie
With no last name
He took to hanging at the bars at night
He was coming home drunk
Looking for a fight
She never knew just how strong he was
Til he turned his hand on her
His only reason was “just because” . . .

Then she looked at her daughter’s face
A life that’s just begun
She took a hard look at herself
And saw what she’d become

There’s nothing from the house that she will take
No souvenirs
Of his face
She took the car, some clothes, some cash
She took numbing memories
Of burning ash
She and her girl are gonna make a run
Gonna set out down some road
Passing mile posts in the sun