1. Santa Ana Wind

From the recording Indian Summer

a personification of the Santa Ana Wind
how a hot wind can give you chills


Santa Ana Wind by Mary Rocap

Santa Ana Wind
She blows across the desert
She wraps you in her wings
She takes you for her pleasure
Far from here
No destination clear
To me

She speaks another tongue
The sound intoxicating
But do you understand
The secrets she relating?
Whispered words
By me

She tells you of her home
All names of saintly splendor
But really she’s alone
A warm but dry pretender
Her southern sky
Will crucify

She’ll tire of your weight
She never meant to carry
But darling, it’s too late
She paused but did not tarry
She has gone
Her damaging winds strong
Against me

She comes back every year
A seasonal reflection
A change of atmosphere
I shudder at her perfection
I wrap the spread
From the bed
Around me