1. Orion

From the recording Indian Summer

Orion, my favorite constellation
my words
tune by Thomas Moore (My Cavan Girl)


Orion by Mary Rocap

Orion was out at midnight
Shooting arrows at the moon
Was he trying to play Cupid?
Amid bright stars he loomed
I hid below in darkness
As the arrows they missed their mark
And like meteors they fell
And one it pierced my heart

Pierced its shielding armor
Drew blood as it sank
Wedged itself into my core
Love’s potion then I drank
‘Twas poured into my parched dry throat
For the archer laid down his bow
He took the dipper from the sky
But was he friend or foe?

Still there remained the arrowhead
And I its casualty
Yet I arose much stronger
Carrying love’s sharp seed
And I await my lovers touch
As day awaits the dawn
Anticipates the morning sun
Love tarry not for long

Orion was out at midnight
Arrows flying at the moon