1. Indian Summer

From the recording Indian Summer


Indian Summer by Mary Rocap

Oh the days of Indian summer
Oh the days of warmth before cold
I’m trying my best to remember
Reminisce before I forget
Seasons meet in September
I say good-bye to one with regret

I remember summer vacation
Such a lazy time as a child
I used to wake up in the morning
I used to have time on my hands
Now it’s slipping right through my fingers
Time won’t slow down for no man

Summer is a season of freedom
Summer is a season of love
We came together one summer
We came together in love
We’ve stayed together ten winters
Thanks be to heaven above

Oh the nights of Indian summer
Fireflies dancing with stars
Crickets chirping a message
Warning of a change to come
I feel a chill upon me
I’m heading for the comfort of home