From the recording Deep December Dreams

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a song for the winter solstice


I am weary of the night by Mary Rocap

I am weary of the night
weakened by the winter fight
heart so cold it scarce can beat
I seek the safety of retreat

But who’s that hovering at my gate
the sky is dark; the hour late
I hear a voice calling me by name
singing a song with a sweet refrain

I recognize the song he sings
and take to heart the hope it brings
no mournful tune of darkest night
rejoice, the earth has turned toward light

I’ll take the soul’s kiss of lengthening days
the promise which makes me unafraid
though cold may have me in his grip
I will deny him ownership

I’ll dream a dream of deep remembering
days of winter will be ending
light will overcome the dark
love will warm my cold cold heart