1. Got This Road

From the recording Deep December Dreams


Got This Road by Mary Rocap

I got this road that’s set before me
It goes not south or north
It has it’s own direction
It runs a fateful course
I’m in a valley
But I’ve seen the mountain top
I know I’ll get there
Step by step until I stop

I got a mind set on forgiveness
Cuz I know I’m filled with sin
He has shown a hand of mercy
Though He knows just where I’ve been
Knows what I’ve done
Knows what I did and did not say
When I saw the face of Jesus
I dropped down on my knees and then I prayed

I got no use for wishful thinking
You can have your que sera
Don’t tell me your excuses
Don’t sing no la de das
Time is short
You know that I can’t stay
When the sun comes up tomorrow
I’ll be gone and on my way

I got this road that’s set before me
It goes not east or west
Make no mistake about it
This road: a holy test
I’m in a desert
But I’ve seen the promised land
I know I’ll get there
Day by day, I know I can