From the recording Deep December Dreams


Jewels & Elephants by Mary Rocap

There were times when I was alone as a child, a trespasser I would be
I’d sneak into the room of my folks to see what I could see
I’d take out the jewels of my mom from the drawer where they would stay
Put on the bracelets and rings, a game of pretend I would play

And I’d go dancing away in my mind
Over kingdoms and castles below
Swirling, twirling
Back and forth I would go

My father had a treasure chest smelling of leather and spice
Holding foreign coins, ribbons, and pins from a war-time sacrifice
Also inside – most marvelous- a red painted cardamom seed
Holding 12 tiny elephants – a miniature ivory stampede

And they go marching tusk to tail
Over mountains and valleys below
Sliding, colliding
Back and forth they would go

Places, spaces, time has raced along
Faces, traces, can’t replace the ones who’ve gone

There are times when I’m alone in the house into my bedroom I hide
I take the jewels and elephants out and line them up side by side
And I go flying into the past
Over people and places I’ve known
Yearning, turning
Back and forth I do go
Back and forth I do go