1. Circus Coming

From the recording Spring: The Wind's Story


Circus Coming by Mary Rocap

Posters are up all over town
Circus coming to the old campground
Gonna be things that you’ve never seen
Gonna be better than a dazzling dream

The very next day coming down the track
A long long train going clackedy-clack
Elephants pulled up the tents
Beautiful ladies and handsome gents

I saw tight rope walkers, a human cannon ball
Dancing bears, a grown man not three foot tall
I ate cotton candy, I ate Carmel corn
Saw a sad-faced clown get a laugh when he performed

They left as quick as they had come
got a souvenir: an Indian drum
Trash is scattered on the old campground from
Barnum and Bailey's merry-go-round

Tonight I put a blanket on the bed
The greatest show on earth is what they said
October winds will bring a killing frost
A memory saved, a dream or two that’s lost