1. Ready to Wear

From the recording Spring: The Wind's Story

based on a comment by my husband as he was folding a suit jacket to go into a suitcase: "This was not cut to fold."


Ready to Wear by Mary Rocap

Just cuz I came off the rack
Doesn’t mean I was cheap . . .
I was ready to wear
Just missing my pair . . .
I see you packing it up
You were cut to fold
You’re not looking back
I was goods bought and sold
We were paisleys and plaids
Clashing and sad
I was dressed to the nines
Now I’m nickeled and dimed
Stone washed with lye
Hung out to dry
Three sheets to the wind
Not sure how to begin, again

I’ve been rattling around
This old lost and found
Time for rhinestones and pearls
To dress up this girl
Like a breath of fresh air
I’ll feel ready to wear
But I got these hand-me-down blues
I can’t get over you
Forgotten, ignored
In the second hand store
I want to sparkle and shine
Won't you be mine, my pair