From the recording Spring: The Wind's Story

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music by Stephen Smith


A Plausible Explanation for the Redbud- lyrics by Mary Rocap

Where the meadow meets the wood
A dark limbed tree does grow
And in the springtime breezes
Redbud blossoms blow
I see them on the roadside
On the edges of the lane
Between the tended and the wild
The tangled and the tame
But why it’s called a redbud
I’d surely like to know
There is no ruby in its blush
Saying don’t make it so

When the redbud was first named
It bloomed a scarlet true
But March he was a chilly wind
Tinged of icy blue
No lovelier a vision
The colors did enchant
Indigo and crimson
Birthed a miscreant
And thus the wild bred blossom
Takes on a purple hue
In memory of when wind met flower
And flower said I love you
And flower said I love you