From the recording Spring: The Wind's Story

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The Scuppernong is a dark water, slow moving river in Eastern North Carolina


Black Water of the Scuppernong by Mary Rocap

Black water of the Scuppernong
Will still be here when I’m long gone
Migrating birds fly high and free
The yonder also calls to me
The river is what I know best
Each season brings the season’s catch
I know the wind, I know the tide
I know the river sometimes lies

She can claim you for her own
She can teach you her sad song
She can hold you in her power
A deeper spell each passing hour
I will rise and catch the wind
On its currents wheel and spin
Follow geese where they may ride
Look down on the river wide

If I find I have miscast
That my future should be my past
To the sea all rivers run
I’ll make my way back to Scuppernong
Black water of the Scuppernong
There is black magic in your song
Migrating birds fly wild and free
The river has a hold on me
The river has a hold on me