From the recording Spring: The Wind's Story

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visions from a dream


Water Will Take Us All by Mary Rocap

I saw them from a distance the two dancers
The beginning of the ending of the world
Broken glass lay all about them
They danced on pointe around they twirled
In harmony fingers extended
Form and beauty what a pair
I could not keep myself from staring
Amid the rubble, light as air

If I could lose myself
Excuse myself
Refuse myself
What would I know?

Beyond them lay my destination
A market on the battery
Exotic fruits on silver platters
And me with foreign currency
Nor did I speak the common language
A stranger babbling in plain sight
Out of time with no tomorrow
The last day turned to the last night

If I could lose myself
Excuse myself
Refuse myself
Where would I go?

The sea will boil
The rain will fall
Waves will crest above the wall
Creeks will rise
Ice will thaw
Water will take us all