From the recording Spring: The Wind's Story

things to keep doing


Keep On Keeping On by Mary Rocap

I’m gonna keep the company of friends
keep on keeping on
keep the peace, keep the faith
keep singing out the song
tap my foot to the tree frogs, out there keeping time
keep the beat, embrace the heat
the drummers pace is mine
I’m gonna keep the promises I make
stop keeping track of yours
keep asking God for what I need
keep knocking at that door

I’m gonna keep on being where it’s at
keep coming back for more
keep helping with a helping hand
keep paying at the door
keep standing up for what is right
that’s what standing up is for
walk the walk and talk the talk
make it better than before
keep the fire burning bright
keep it casual, keep it clean
keep it all between the lines and
question everything

don’t keep the love that’s in your heart
give it all away
don’t keep the light within you hid
keep on shining everyday
don’t you keep your distance
don’t keep to yourself
don’t keep the gifts you’re given
share your wisdom, share your wealth
keep your eyes on the prize
keep your hand up on the plow
keep it strong, keep it real
I know that you know how