Little Chicken Stories

This group of stories is a chronicle of our experience with raising chickens. One of the stories can be found in my Journal section called "Matters of Life & Death." These can be purchased either as a download or in book form from

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more little chicken Stories

This is my second volume of essays about my chickens, life, and faith.

Saving Time:A Fable

I am a song writer, but this poem would not turn into a song.  I wrote it up at Wildacres Retreat Center in Little Switzerland, NC in the Blue Ridge Mountain ridge.  Up there you feel as if you are suspended in time or that the bonds of time are somehow stretchy.   Anyway, Time became dreamy real to me and thus the story began.  What happens when Time slows down and Time stops?  Unintended consequences. I love how Little Ant appears on the scene and does what she can do and that her actions are enough to make a difference.  We all should do what we can do.  Maybe our times would be easier and more loving if, when we saw a need we did something about it.

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