1. Corner Market

From the recording Corner Market

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written from the memories of living on Lincoln Street, the little store down the road, and the railroad line behind our house.


Got a nickel in my pocket and I'm walking to the store.
I'm scared of the old woman who sits behind the door.
But she's the owner of the market - She got everything I want.
She got lots of good and plenty - Listens to honkey tonk.
I buy me some bazooka, and it's time to head back home.
I could go back by Lincoln Street; got sidewalks its a fact.
But the longer way is better down beside the railroad tracks.
I can hear the engine rumble, lumbering down the line
I'll wave at the conductor and he'll back the whistle whine
Sit down under a shade tree til it's time to head back home. N
ow Momma asks what took so long and where's my cheese and bread?
Don't tell me you forgot 'em - you got cotton in your head.
She sends me out again and tells me don't be slow.
Truth be told I didn't mind the second chance to go
Down to that corner market and to head back home again