From the recording a half a dozen things

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written while at Wild Acres, Little Switzerland, in the Blue Ridge Mountains, NC. at my annual songwriting retreat: SoLaTiDo 2009. It's turned out to be one of my favorites.


I told you a half a dozen things
Half of which weren’t true
The other half are the wannabe hopes
Of a hopeless point of view
Will you take the lies I tell myself to get me through
They may be the only truth I have to give to you
Things that I was sure of turned out to be false
Things that I blamed others for turned out to be my fault
Things that I held sacred deep down in my heart
That used to shine like the rising sun, now I’m stumbling in the dark
Things that I thought would never change just up and blew away
Forever and forever reduced to yesterday
Things that I never worried about lay heavy on my mind
What can I say, to make you stay, not be leaving me behind