1. My Flock
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I wrote this up at Wild Acres, at the annual SoLaTiDo song-writing retreat that I have been attending the last dozen years. This was from 2012. The prompt was write a song about something you do. So I chose taking care of my chickens!!
It was recorded up on the mountain by Richard Putnam who also added the lovely piano.


Layer pellet mill feed
And cantaloupe seeds
I’m aiming to please
My flock
With corn on the cob
And scraps from the hog
It’s almost a job
My flock
Rooster crowing at the break of dawn
He’s waking up his 35 hens
As well as me & you
They give me their eggs
I don’t have to beg
Nothing needs to be said to
My flock
If the water is stale
I bring fresh with a pail
And hay from the bale to
My flock
I open the gate and out they rush
Heading for the woods
It’s the only world that they know
And it sure looks good
Scratching the earth
Digging up dirt
They’re lying in dirt, they’re
My flock
At the end of the day
In the coop they will stay
I’m happy to say: They’re
My flock