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Mary Rocap: CDs, Handwork, Books


Spring: The Wind's Story - CD

This CD completes my cycle around the seasons. I had thought my spring effort might be more hopeful but I found myself telling the story of a spring that comes with some wrath: stronger winds, fiercer rains, and which promises nothing Despite that, the prayer of St. Clare captured my attention: Live without fear. May it be so.

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Deep December Dreams - CD

This CD draws its strength from the notion that from the depths and darkness of winter the earth has already turned its gaze to summer. Here are some stories, myths, confessions, and dreams to make those long nights pass more quickly.
Joining me musically are my CityFolk buddies: Lise Uyanik, Charlie Ebel, Lew Wardell, and Jay Miller. Bob Mutter plays percussion and also did the graphics and snowflake art. Mike Craver, one of the original Red Clay Ramblers, plays piano on four of the cuts, including a stunning accompaniment on Jupiter & Venus.
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Indian Summer - CD

This second CD of mine released in July 2005 has 15 songs: 13 originals and two traditional gospels. There is also a bonus track buried at the end. The themes of home and family, dreams and memories, and hopes and doubts run through the recording. To underscore the theme of family I am joined in voice by my daughters, sister, and nieces on three of the cuts (Never Grow Old, Hallelujah, and My Shepherd). Truly a treasure.

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Sweet Mimosa - CD

My debut CD includes 14 songs: 12 originals and 2 traditionals. Silver is featured on four of the songs. I was able to record this because I received an Artist Fellowship from the State of North Carolina's Arts Council for my songwriting. Bob Mutter did the art lay-out and graphics in addtion to percussion. It has a strong folk feel to it. I think my favorite songs on it are North Star and Horse & Rider.

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Hallelujah! Amen. - CD

This gospel CD "Hallelujah! Amen." has 15 hymns & spirituals all written between 1790 and 1944; it's a wonderful collection. Great singing by friend Lise Uyanik, and my girls: daughters, sister, and nieces (what a treat!). Guitar virtuoso Will McFarlane; my beat, Bob Mutter; and the piano man, Dave Stuntz all add their artistic touches. Songs include: Come Thou Fount, Amazing Grace, To God be the Glory, When the Saints Come Marching In, Come Ye Sinners, Revive Us Again.

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'Twas in the dead of winter - single song

This Christmas carol is both original and traditional. I use the Gloria chorus of "Angels We Have Heard on High" as my chorus. It makes it a nice little sing-along. It re-tells the story of the angels coming to the shepherds and then places it in the context of this very night.
The women singing with me are the members of the St. Matthew's Women's Singing Circle. We meet monthly for a compline service and mostly unaccompanied singing of sacred songs.

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Til I Lay My Burden Down - Song

Til I lay my burden down I’ll carry on

And reach the holiest of grounds I’ll sing my song

Till I reach my heavenly home

I’ll keep praying for the Kingdom Come

I’ll keep trusting in Thy will be done

And carry on


Til I cross that river wide I’ll labor on

Milk and honey on the other side; I’ll sing my song

 Till I see my Savior’s face

And greet the saints at heaven’s gate

These good things are gonna have to wait

While I labor on


Life‘s a strange reality

You’ve gotta find a little faith

Death’s a big old mystery

At the trumpet we’ll awake


Til all tears are wiped away we’ll journey on

Cares and sorrow no more dismay; we’ll sing our song

Oh the land of perfect rest

One big family that is blessed

Heaven on earth - more or less

We’ll journey on; Alleluia. Amen.

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My Flock - song

a happy-bluesy little song about my chickens 

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Little Chicken Stories - book

This group of stories is a chronicle of our experience with raising chickens. One of the stories can be found in my Journal section called "Matters of Life & Death." These can be purchased either as a download or in book form from

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Saving Time - book

About the Poem:

I am a song writer, but this poem would not turn into a song.  I wrote it up at Wildacres Retreat Center in Little Switzerland, NC in the Blue Ridge Mountain ridge.  Up there you feel as if you are suspended in time or that the bonds of time are somehow stretchy.   Anyway, Time became dreamy real to me and thus the story began.  What happens when Time slows down and Time stops?  Unintended consequences. I love how Little Ant appears on the scene and does what she can do and that her actions are enough to make a difference.  We all should do what we can do.  Maybe our times would be easier and more loving if, when we saw a need we did something about it.

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