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Mary Rocap: Music


(Mary Rocap)
November 8, 2017
Shine from the CD Spring: The Wind's Story

Trying to craft an upbeat song in trying times

I’ve been a pilgrim on a stretch of road

A dream catcher with a heavy load

A half-dead stranger with no next of kin

But I never knew a day that did not begin with

The mighty sun waking up the world

With just one thing in mind

And that’s, shine . . .


I’ve seen enough of the good and bad

I’ve been lucky and I’ve been had

But on this I can depend

There will not be a day that does not end with

The mighty moon rising with the stars

With just one thing in mind

And that’s, shine . . .


Shine above in darkness and in light

Shine the way from wrong- make it right


The arc of justice is one long long climb

It bends toward truth – just give it time

Be a blessing for the weak and worn

Show some mercy for those who mourn

We’re mighty souls in a mighty world

We’re living valentines

We’re made to shine . . .