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Mary Rocap: Music

Horse and Rider

(Horse and Rider off of Sweet Mimosa)

based on Miriam's Song: "Sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously; horse and rider he has thrown into the sea."

Exodus 15:21

Play me something tuneful you know I got a mind to sing

Miriam shake the beat out on your silver tamborine

How can a blessing feel so much like a curse?

In or out of Egypt I don't know which one is worse


I looked over Jordan What can it be?

Horse and rider Tumbling into the sea


Led by fire in darkness, smoling embers in the light

Always moving somewhere, somewhere always out of sight

Crying out so thristy "Look down on your holy flock"

Give me what I ask for; bring forth water out of rock


Lord I know you told me that you'd take me to the promised land

And I know it's out there but I am too weak to stand

I got a feeling lately that I may not make it o'er

But I'm raising up a child to eat milk and honey evermore